Art program for Youth and Social Impact

So that all children may experience the joy of creating the future

Through art we create borderless learning experiences transcending age and nationality,
empowering the next generation to create the future, to thrive and lead authentic lives. 

Our work


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(ELAB is White Ship's non-profit unit)

Our partners

We run art programs in partnership with schools, local communities, companies, and other organizations.

Tokyo Institute of Technology


Bridge for Fukushima


UTokyo Innovation Summer Program

Teach For Japan

Japan Foundation

IMPACT Foundation Japan

Shibuya Hikarie 8/ COURT

Ship for World Youth Program
Cabinet Office Govourment of Japan

University of Tokyo Global Health   Leadership Program

Solar Bear Fund Project

Health and Global Policy Institute


Google Tokyo Office

University of Tokyo  Global  Leadership Program

Kindery International

Junior United Nations Eco Workshop