We offer programs for both first time participants and those who have participated in online EGAKU before,
and already possess an EGAKU Art Kit.
All proceeds from the EGAKU Global Sessions will be donated
to ELAB to support their work to empower young people through art-based learning.

First time participants will receive the EGAKU Art Kit
 containing a beautiful box of 10 artist's quality EGAKU Pastels
designed for the EGAKU Program, an EGAKU Frame, 
set of colored paper and fixative spray.

First time participants 

Single Session
16,550 yen
EGAKU session fee x 1 session
EGAKU Art Kit (EGAKU Pastels, EGAKU Frame, set of colored paper)
EGAKU Beginner's Course (3 sessions)
32,900 yen 
EGAKU session fee x 3 sessions
EGAKU Art Kit (EGAKU Pastels, EGAKU Frame, set of colored paper)

Experienced participants

Single Session
8,800 yen

EGAKU Beginner's Course (2 sessions)
16,500 yen 
Experienced participants can register for an additional 2 sessions
to complete a course of 3 sessions.
Experienced participants are those who have participated in online EGAKU before, and possess the following:
EGAKU Pastels, set of color paper, a wooden frame or EGAKU Frame, fixative spray
If you do not possess these items please select one of the first time participant programs.

What you need to prepare to participate


Make sure you meet all the technical requirements, and prepare the items below to participate in the session

Technical requirements

  • PC/laptop with a working mic and video camera (no tablets or smartphones)
  • Zoom installed on your PC/laptop
  • Stable internet connection
  • Microsoft Lens (free app) installed on your smartphone 

Other requirements

  • EGAKU Art Kit (included in programs for first time participants)
  • Quiet, flat workspace that will fit your PC/laptop and an A3 sheet of paper

Upcoming dates

Jun 10, 2023 (Sat) 5-8.30pm Tokyo / 9am-12.30pm London
Sep 2, 2023 (Sat) 5-8.30pm Tokyo / 9am-12.30pm London
Nov 11, 2023 (Sat) 6-9.30pm Tokyo / 9am-12.30pm London
Further dates for 2024 will be announced in due course

Registration form


Please complete the form below. 
We will email you to confirm your registration and send you information on how to make your donation.
We only accept payment by credit card.