EGAKU Global Sessions is a new kind of online art experience.
Explore your creativity
Connect with yourself and others!
Produced by White Ship, 
in support of ELAB  

"EGAKU breaks away from the hectic or monotony of every-day life to a new world where the mind is allowed to wander and explore undiscovered spaces."

 - Participant, Hong Kong


What is EGAKU?

EGAKU is an innovative art-based learning program made in Japan by artist Kunihiko Yazawa to nurture the creativity of individuals.
Originally started for children in 2002, to date over 20,000 people of all ages and all walks of life, from children to business leaders, have participated in the EGAKU Program.
We've delivered EGAKU to over 200 organizations including Yahoo Japan, Bayer, GE, Cisco, Panasonic, Hitachi, NTT Docomo. 



"(I felt) an inner sense of calm settling inside me... It’s wonderful to spend time with others and hearing different views. Lovely to share art and take time immersing myself in art."

 - Participant, Hong Kong

The Experience


"When you simply accept a task without letting fear hindering you, it is possible to create wonderful work that you didn‘t think of before. Going from an idea and being able to put it on paper, without any prior art education, is fascinating. This inexperience combined with the lack of fear can produce amazing results."

 - Participant, Luxembourg

Program overview

The program agenda is the same as that for our in-person gallery sessions..
Experience the unique and immersive online version of the EGAKU Program.

Program overview

The program agenda is the same as the in-person EGAKU sessions at our gallery.
Experience the unique, immersive online version of the EGAKU Program.

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"EGAKU has the silent power to navigate you on a wonderful journey to deepen your self-knowledge."

- Participant, Hong Kong 


Upcoming dates

Jun 10, 2023 (Sat) 5-8.30pm Tokyo / 9am-12.30pm London
Sep 2, 2023 (Sat) 5-8.30pm Tokyo / 9am-12.30pm London
Nov 11, 2023 (Sat) 6-9.30pm Tokyo / 9am-12.30pm London
Further dates for 2024 will be announced in due course
Sessions are conducted in English unless otherwise indicated.
Indicate your preferred dates in the registration form.

"It helps you to acknowledge yourself, practice listening to yourself and others without bias.  By looking at things from different perspectives you will find there will be a bigger world. " 

- Participant, Hong Kong 


Make a difference

Empowering the next generation to create a sustainable future

All profits from the EGAKU Global Sessions will be donated to our non-profit, ELAB
ELAB is a non-profit organization founded by artist and White Ship's founder, Kunihiko Yazawa, to create art-based learning experiences for teenagers and youth under 25.
ELAB's mission is to nurture young people's imagination and creativity - empowering the next generation to create a sustainable future.



Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions for online EGAKU before registering and participating in the program.

Registration and payment


  • Your program registration will be finalized upon confirmation of your donation.
  • Donations must be made in advance by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).
  • No cancellations or refunds once your donation has been completed (date changes are permitted.)
  • The deadline for registering for a session is 14 business days before the program date (this may be 21 days if your shipping address is outside Asia).  If you would like to register for a program less than 14 business days out please contact us:


Shipping and local duties 


  • Shipping charges are not included in the program fee. Shipping charges vary by destination country and range from 2,500-5,500 yen - we will provide an estimate of shipping costs when we confirm your reservation. 
  • Any local customs taxes and import duties incurred will be the responsibility of the program participant. 


About the online program 

Requirements for participation

  • This program will be delivered using the web conferencing platform, Zoom.
  • We request that you access Zoom from a laptop or personal computer (not a smartphone or tablet device) with a working webcam, microphone and speakers.
  • Please ensure you participate in the program in an environment with a stable internet connection.  (Do not use mobile phone tethering or public wifi.)
  • Download and install the Microsoft Lens app to your smartphone, you will need this app to take a photo of your artwork.
  • Purchase of art kit for EGAKU (EGAKU Art Kit) required for participation.

Cancellation policy

  • If you are no longer able to make a session you've registered for, contact us at up to one day before the session date.
  • We ask that all participants commit to the 3.5 hour session to get the most out of the experiene, and as a courtesy to other program participants. Due to the nature of the program, it is not possible to join the program halfway through a session or to leave before the end of the session. Participants arriving 15 minutes after the session start time, will be treated as no-shows and will have their reservation automatically cancelled. No refunds will be given to no-shows.
  • White Ship, Inc. accepts no responsibility pertaining to situations in which you are unable to participate in the program due to internet connection issues, problems with your personal computer equipment, or other unexpected issues related to internet connectivity, bandwidth/speed etc. 
  • In the event we cancel a session due to a natural disaster or other emergency, we will refund the full program fee.
  • Recordings (video or audio) or taking photos or screenshots etc. during the session is strictly prohibited.  


EGAKU Program art kit (EGAKU Art Kit)


  • No returns or exchanges of goods accepted.
  • In the event you find the goods to be damaged or faulty, please contact us within 7 days of receipt of the goods.  We will ensure the swift exchange of goods.  In this case, we will cover the costs of returning the goods.
  • The pastels in the EGAKU Art Kit may be chipped - this is completely normal and does not indicate any that the product is damaged or faulty in any way.
  • In any event, compensation for any damaged or faulty goods will be capped at the price of the goods in question.
  • In the event that the EGAKU Art Kit cannot be delivered to the registered delivery address due to an extended period of absence, delivery failure or an incorrect address, and the storage period for the package has been exceeded (7 days from the first attempted delivery date), the package will be returned to us.  In this case, you will be liable for the delivery costs incurred and we will invoice you accordingly. We appreciate your understanding. 
  • Please ensure you receive delivery of the EGAKU Art Kit by the day of the program.  In the event you are unable to receive delivery by the program date, please contact us to reschedule your program reservation. 
  • Resale of the EGAKU Art Kit and related art materials or use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.



Copyrights for the artworks created in the EGAKU Program rests with the author of the artwork. White Ship, Inc. retains the right of reproduction and use of the digital images related to the artworks (including but not limited to internet, print media etc.) without being subject to fees for usage.  White Ship, Inc. owns the copyrights to the worksheets and all program related materials.

Privacy Policy

By registering for an EGAKU Global Sessions event you have read and agreed to our privacy policy
※ EGAKU is a registered trademark of White Ship, Inc. (registration number: 5909554) 


Q. What payment methods do you accept?
A. All payments related to the EGAKU Global Sessions must be made by credit card (Visa/MasterCard/American Express). After submitting your registration form, we will confirm the details of your registration and send you an email with payment instructions. Advance payment is required for program participation.
Q. How much are shipping costs?
A. Shipping costs vary by destination. We send all EGAKU Art Kits by registered international express post and shipping costs generally range from 2,500-5,500 yen. We will send you an estimate of shipping costs and final payment amount upon confirming your reservation.
Q. I've never participated in EGAKU before, can I register for an online EGAKU session?
A. Yes! First timers are welcome to register for a session. Rest assured, we'll give you guidance on how to use the art materials during the program. 
Q. I live outside Japan, can I participate in the program?
A. Yes, please register from the "International participants" page. We currently offer the program in the following countries: Hong Kong, UK, US.  If you would like to participate from a country not listed above, please contact us for further details:
Q. Is the program offered in English?
A. Yes, all the sessions listed above are conducted in English.  We also offer sessions in Japanese see here for dates >>
Q. Is there a minimum age for program participation?
A. EGAKU is designed for anyone of primary school-age (6 years) and above, however the EGAKU Global Sessions is open to children in middle school (12 years) or older.
Q. Do you offer programs for corporates/organizations?
A. Yes we do.  For corporate enquiries contact us using  this form.