At White Ship our mission is to harness the power of art to create a world of human flourishing.
We create experiences for people from all walks of life to discover the dynamic wonder of art,
nurture their unique creative gifts and experience the power of diversity.

Why do we paint?

EGAKU ® is an art program which emerged from artist, Kunihiko Yazawa's exploration of this question. 
Creativity isn't a special gift enjoyed by the chosen few, we are all creative.
Like a muscle, with practice you can strengthen and grow your creativity.
This belief lies at the core of the EGAKU ® Program, and our work at White Ship.
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“EGAKU" is a registered trademark of White Ship, Inc. (registration number: 5909554)

EGAKU® : The Impact

Initially started for children in 2002, the EGAKU Program has reached over 22,000 people to date.
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