Launching a New Program
- An Exploration of Sound and Art -


We are excited to announce a new collaboration with artist and friend, Lena Saito.

The musician, Lena Saito and Kunihiko Yazawa first met in New York in the autumn of 2001.  Nearly 20 years later, as their respective creative practices have evolved, we are delighted to announce this collaboration.


Sound transformed by art...
Art transformed by sound...
Our five senses - at times they make fools of us, and at other times they nourish our spirit.
“Everyone has their own, unique OTOIRO (sound-color)”
OTOIRO is a new art experience.


As the first year of Reiwa comes to a close, we hope you’ll join us for this special experience.
We look forward to seeing you.



Kimi Hasebe
White Ship, Inc.

sound x art program vol.1

An exploration of sound and art

As we go about our daily lives we so often forget about our wonderful sensory apparatus.
In OTOIRO, through a collaboration between Kunihiko Yazawa’s artworks and the sounds created by Lena,
you will experience the sheer expansiveness and richness of the “visible world” and the “acoustic world.”
Join us for an evening of sensory awakening and new encounters with art.

Date and time

Wednesday, December 4, 2019 7-9pm


9201 Gallery
6F Terasawa Bld, 1-7-17 Moto-Akasaka, Minatoku, Tokyo (inside White Ship office)
6 minute walk from Akasaka Mitsuke Station (Ginza/Marunouchi subway lines) Exit B


20 people  ※reservations required


5,500 yen ※advance payment by credit card


Register using the form below

Lena Saito

Musician - synthesizer composer and performer.
Launched solo project galcid in 2016, using analog synthesizers to create a new kind of music, and since her debut she has garnered high praise from Karl Hyde (Underworld) and Ryuichi Sakamoto. Lena has been active internationally, and plans a new release on 5 record labels in 2020, including the German experimental electronica record label Mille Plateaux.
She also runs sound and word dialogue workshops using electronic music, in the hope of giving more people - not just music lovers - the opportunity to experience the world of sound.



Kunihiko YAZAWA
"ひふみ - hi fu mi" Exhibition
September 2, 2019 - February 29, 2019

Kunihiko Yazawa is an artist who explores the question, “Why do we paint?” through his practice. At 9201 Gallery we have focussed on Yazawa’s multifaceted practice to curate this exhibition from a body of over 2,000 works. “I still haven’t found an answer to question ‘Why do we paint?’ but of late I’m finally beginning to discover the joy of painting.” Yazawa’s latest body of work not only displays his distinctive aesthetic and use of color, but also reflects an increasingly free and playful approach to the subject matter and the sheer joy of the creative process. This strangely familiar, fable-like world reminiscent of Yazawa’s early works, seems to transcend logic, speaking to some deeper part of our being.

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