Our Story 

EGAKU PASTELS were created exclusively for EGAKU - an art program created by artist Kunihiko Yazawa which has reached over 20,000 participants to date. 
We have worked with Nihon Rikagaku Industry over the past 3 years to develop these art materials designed to empower program participants to create artworks that allow for a diverse range of creative expression.

Special features of EGAKU PASTELS


  • 10 colors specially curated for EGAKU
  • Semi-hard pastels containing high concentration of pigment, making for a beautiful, vivid finish 
  • Professional artists quality pastels


Nihon Rikagaku Industry

Since 1937, as a maker of dustless chalk, Nihon Rikagaku Industry Co., Ltd has been developing and manufacturing products which are "Kind to humans, kind to the planet."
Nihon Rikagaku Industry has also been a leading employer of those with intellectual disabilities, with currently 70% of employees having some kind of special needs.  One of the unique features of the company is their efforts to create a working environment that allows for people with intellectual disabilities to do meaningful work and thrive. 
EGAKU PASTELS is Nihon Rikagaku Industry's first OEM product.  We are grateful to have them as a partner in the development and production of the EGAKU PASTELS. 
Nihon Rikagaku Industry Official Website >>



Price:3,300 JPY
(includes consumption tax)

 10 pastels・eraser
 Product size: 16 x 16 cm
Ingredients (pastels): kaolin, pigment, other
Manufactured by Nihon Rikagaku Industry Co., Ltd
Sold by White Ship, Inc.
Made in Japan 


Experienced Participants

Those who have experienced EGAKU Program previously
can order from this page

New to EGAKU

If you haven't taken part in an EGAKU session before, 
you can purchase the EGAKU PASTELS and EGAKU BOOK as a set.

※The EGAKU BOOK was written by the creator of EGAKU, artist Kunihiko Yazawa, 

He wrote this picture book to share his thoughts on the meaning
of the art experience - making art and seeing art and the possibilities of art.

※Those who have not taken part in an EGAKU session before can only purchase EGAKU PASTELS as part of a set with the EGAKU BOOK.

Experience EGAKU at one of our EGAKU Global Sessions!

Supporting ELAB


White Ship will be donating 50% of all profits from EGAKU PASTELS to the non-profit, ELAB.

ELAB is White Ship's non-profit arm
 which creates art-based learning experiences for teenagers and youth under 25.  ELAB believes that art can empower the next generation to thrive and create a sustainable future.

ELAB Official Website >>