EGAKU is a participatory art project created by artist Kunihiko Yazawa. The project was launched in 2002 and as of August 2022, over 25,000 people of all ages and walks of life have participated in the program in schools, universities, communities, local governments and companies.
Kunihiko Yazawa’s art practice explores the possibilities of art in the world today through the concept of “art that emerges from art, art that creates new dialogues.” In the EGAKU Project, Yazawa invites the audience to experience “art that emerges from dialogue, art that creates new dialogue,” not simply as spectators of art but as makers of art.
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About the Program

White Ship, Inc. - an art company founded by Yazawa - runs regular EGAKU sessions online and in-person at our gallery in Tokyo, Japan which are open to the public.

As part of White Ship’s work to promote innovative practices and collaborations in the arts and culture field, we have established a special guest program inviting arts professionals, art educators, researchers, curators and cultural entrepreneurs to participate in the EGAKU project, waiving the standard program fee. (The standard program fee including all art materials is 15,400 yen)
Through this program we hope to engage arts and cultural professionals in a dialogue to explore the possibilities of art in the world today, and opportunities for collaboration.
This program is invitation only.

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Guest Program for Arts Professionals

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