About EGAKU®️

Q:I’m a bit nervous as I have no artistic talent – can I still participate?

A:Yes – please rest assured, even those who have minimal art experience or feel that they struggle with art will be able to enjoy the EGAKU®️Program and take away something from the experience. Some participants even find that their ideas about art are transformed by their experience of EGAKU®️ – join a course to find out for yourself.

Q:I’ve registered for an online session is there anything I need to prepare?

A:Please confirm the requirements for participation in an online session below: 
・You will need to prepare an EGAKU Art Kit by your reserved  session date.
・PC or tablet device (do not use a smartphone) equipped with a webcam, microphone and speakers
・Due to the nature of the program, we request that participants have their webcam switched on during the session.
・Zoom webconferencing app installed on your PC or tablet device.
・Stable internet connection. (Do not use mobile phone tethering or public wifi)

Q:Are there any important notices regarding attending the online sessions? 

A:Yes, please read the important notices below: 
・All online programs will be in English unless otherwise indicated. Please note the program Online session (Japanese only) is conducted in Japanese with no English interpretation.
・Dates and times for all online programs are indicated in Japan Standard Time (JST).
・We recommend downloading and installing the Microsoft Lens app to your smartphone, you will need this app to take a photo of your artwork in the program.
・If you are unable to receive delivery of the art materials in time for your session date, please change your reservation by 23:59 JST the day prior to the session date from MY PAGE.
・Recordings (video or audio) or taking photos or screenshots etc. during the session is strictly prohibited.
・ Due to the nature of the program, partial participation of a session, observing a session is not permitted. 
・Participants joining 15 minutes after the session start time will be treated as no-shows and will have their reservation automatically cancelled – in this case, your session slot will be forfeited and cannot be rescheduled.
If you are no longer able to attend a session you have reserved, you can change your reservation on MY PAGE until 23:59 JST the day prior to the reserved session date. If you are unsure when you intend to participate, you can change your reservation status to “Pending.”
・In the event of a same day cancellation kindly contact us at info@whiteship.net.
・Read our Program terms to learn more about our cancellation policy and art materials.

Q:Do you run sessions for teams and organizations?

A:Yes we do. Learn more about our corporate solutions here.

Q:Can children participate in the EGAKU®️ Program?

A: Our open EGAKU®️ sessions are open to children aged 12 (7th Grade) and above. We occasionally hold special EGAKU®️ sessions which are also open to elementary school age children – we will notify past program participants of such upcoming events.

Q:Do I have to participate in consecutive sessions?

A:No, you don’t have to participate in consecutive sessions. However, in these open EGAKU®️ sessions participants have the chance to experience different EGAKU®️ themes every month which reflect the seasons and changing rhythms throughout the year, so we recommend that you take the opportunity to enjoy the annual program.

Q:What’s the difference between an online session and gallery session?

A:Learn more about the different program formats here.

Q:My first session was online – do I have to stick to the online format for the remainder of the  course?

A:No. If you want to join a gallery session you can do so, so long as there are seats available. You can choose your preferred format for each of your course sessions.

Q:What is Online session (Japanese only)?

A:Our Online sessions are conducted in English, however we also run online sessions which are conducted in Japanese which are listed as Online session (Japanese only).

Q:Can I attend a session from outside Japan?

A:Yes, participants from outside Japan are welcome to join our online sessions. However, when you purchase an EGAKU Art Kit   you will need to pay an additional international shipping fee. After you have placed your order, we will email you with further information about the international shipping fee and payment instructions. Please note all online sessions are indicated in Japan Standard Time.

Q:I don’t speak Japanese, can I join a gallery session?

A:Yes, English speakers are welcome to join our gallery sessions. The session itself will be conducted in Japanese but a member of staff will provide English interpretation support and English worksheets will also be provided.

Q:What is the EGAKU Art Kit?

A:The EGAKU Art Kit is a set of art materials which has been created exclusively for the EGAKU®️ Program and is designed to empower participants to unleash their creativity. Learn more about the EGAKU Art Kit.

Registration, Payment and Cancellation

Q:Can I invite a friend to join a session?

A: Of course! Your friend can register for a course from egaku.co. Alternatively you can gift your friend an EGAKU experience by purchasing Gift EGAKU which consists of one EGAKU®️ session and an EGAKU Art Kit.

Q:How do I pay for the course?

A:Register for a course from the egaku.co registration page, and complete your payment for the course by credit card (Visa/MasterCard/American Express).

Q:I can no longer make the session I reserved, what should I do?

A:If you can no longer make a session you’ve reserved, you can change your reservation from MY PAGE on the egaku.co website until 23:59 JST the day before the session. Log into your egaku.co account and go to MY PAGE you will see your reserved sessions at the top of the page, change your reservation by clicking “Change date.” You can select a convenient date or even change your reservation to “Pending.” You cannot cancel your reservation, for more information read our Program terms.

Q:Can I cancel my reservation on the day of the session?

A:If you cancel your reservation on the day of the session or fail to show up for the session your reservation will be counted as a no-show and you will not be able to reschedule the session. Changes to reservations can be made any time until 23:59 JST the day before the session date from your MY PAGE on the egaku.co website.

QCan I join the program after it has started or leave before the end of the session?

A:Due to the nature of the program, partial program participation is not permitted. Participants arriving 15 minutes after the session start time, will be treated as no-shows and their reservation will be automatically forfeited. Read more about our terms for program participation here.

QI’ve registered for the TOTSUKITOKA Course, do I have to attend a session every month?

A:TOTSUKITOKA participants do not need to attend a session every month, we recommend participants attend ten sessions at a pace that suits their lifestyle. If your plans change you can change your reservation from MY PAGE by 23:59 JST the day prior to the session. Please note same day cancellations are not accepted, and will be counted as an attendance.

QIf I end up moving abroad for an extended period of time, or take a break for health reasons, can I put my TOTSUKITOKA enrollment on hold?

A:Yes, even if you end up putting your attendance on hold for an extended period of time, you will be eligible to attend a total of 10 sessions.

Q:Tell me more about your cancellation policy.

A:Read more about our cancellation policy here.

Q:What is egaku.co?

A:egaku.co is a course management website for EGAKU®️ programs operated by White Ship, Inc. Participants can register for a course, book and manage sessions, upload artworks and manage worksheets.

EGAKU Art Materials

Q:What is the EGAKU Art Kit?

AThe EGAKU Art Kit is a set of art materials that is mandatory for participation in EGAKU®️. The contents of the kit are: ①EGAKU PastelsSet of 12 sheets of EGAKU Color Paper EGAKU FrameFixative spray. If you are running low on art supplies you can purchase additional materials here.
We ask that participants residing outside Japan read this information carefully.

Q:What are EGAKU Pastels?

AEGAKU Pastels is a set of 10 artist’s quality pastels comprised of a rich palette of colors,  and eraser which have been developed specifically for EGAKU®️. The hardness and consistency of these pastels is between commercially sold hard and soft pastels, and can be easily blended together and applied on paper. These pastels were jointly developed with Nihon Rikagaku Industry over three years and were officially launched in 2021.

Q:I have a set of pastels which I bought in a shop. Can I use these rather than purchasing a set of EGAKU Pastels?

AThere are many different types of pastels sold by various manufacturers around the world. The EGAKU Pastels have been carefully designed to empower participants of EGAKU®️ to unleash their creativity – the hardness, color, number of colors have been carefully curated and are an integral part of the EGAKU®️ experience. All participants are required to use EGAKU Pastels in EGAKU®️ sessions.

QI have a set of pastels in a small plastic case from an EGAKU®️ session I attended in previously. Can I use these or do I have to purchase the EGAKU Pastels?

AIf these are pastels you have used in a previous EGAKU®️ session, you can continue using these pastels.

Q:What is the EGAKU Frame?

AFraming your work and then viewing your framed EGAKU®️ work is an important part of the EGAKU®️ experience. The EGAKU Frame has been developed to allow participants to frame their work easily and beautifully, without the fuss of the standard framing process. The EGAKU Frame also functions as a picture mount which can be inserted into a wooden or plastic frame of your choosing (frame to fit 8 x 10in size).

QI have a wooden frame which I previously used in an EGAKU®️ session, can I use this or do I have to purchase an EGAKU Frame?

AThe EGAKU Frame is very compact, easy to transport and easy to reuse - you can easily replace your artwork. Although we recommend using the EGAKU Frame, you can also use your wooden frame from a previous EGAKU®️ session. If you plan to reuse your wooden frame during the EGAKU®️ session, please remove your previous EGAKU®️ artwork from the picture mount so that you are ready to replace it with your new artwork during the session.

Q:What is the set of 12 sheets of EGAKU Color Paper?

AThis is a set of 12 sheets of color paper for pastel painting, specially cut to specifications for the EGAKU®️ program. The EGAKU color paper has been designed to allow people of all backgrounds including those who lack confidence in their artistic abilities to enjoy and immerse themselves fully in the program.

Q:I only have three sheets of EGAKU Color Paper left - do I need to purchase a new set of paper?

A: You can participate in an EGAKU®️ session as long as you have one sheet of EGAKU color paper. You can savor the creative challenge of creating a work within the constraints of choosing from a limited number of options, alternatively you may want to participate with a complete set of paper. At the end of the day it’s up to your personal preference – take whatever approach works for you.

Q:Do I have to use EGAKU Color Paper?

AFirst time participants are required to purchase an EGAKU Art Kit, and you can use the EGAKU Color Paper included in this kit. Experienced EGAKU®️ participants who have on hand fine paper suitable for use with pastels, such as feltmarked fine paper, MERMAID paper, can use this paper by cutting it into a 155x155mm square sheet.

Q:I’ve used up the fixative spray. Where can I buy the fixative spray? (Japan residents only)

AFixative sprays can be purchased from art supply stores such as Sekaido or Amazon Japan. We recommend participants use the Holbein Spray Fixative which are available in a range of sizes:https://webshop.sekaido.co.jp/product/A000288

Q:I live outside Japan, can I purchase a bottle of fixative spray?

AUnfortunately, the particular brand of fixative we use in EGAKU®️ is not available outside Japan and due to international shipping restrictions this product cannot be shipped internationally. Although you can participate in EGAKU®️ without a fixative spray, participants can use hairspray (unscented if possible) as a substitute.

QI want to gift EGAKU art materials to a friend – is this possible?

AThe EGAKU art materials have been designed exclusively for use in the EGAKU®️ Program, therefore it is not possible to solely purchase the art materials without enrolling for a course. However, if you would like to share the EGAKU experience with friends and loved ones, you can purchase Gift EGAKU for them – a gift set which includes 1 EGAKU®️ session fee and an EGAKU Art Kit. The Gift EGAKU is only available for purchase by those who have participated in EGAKU®️ before, or individuals currently enrolled in an EGAKU®️ course.

Q:I’ve never participated in EGAKU®️ before, can I buy EGAKU art materials without registering for a course?

AEGAKU art materials have been created exclusively for participants of EGAKU®️, please purchase your EGAKU art materials after registering for a course.

Q: Can I purchase EGAKU art materials to do EGAKU®️ with a group of friends?

AEGAKU art materials have been created exclusively for participants of EGAKU®️, therefore EGAKU art materials are not available for purchase to those who have never participated in EGAKU®️ before. If you would like to plan and run an EGAKU®️ session with friends and all participants meet the following conditions: i) they have participated in EGAKU at least once, ii) everyone has their own EGAKU Art Kit, contact us at info@whiteship.net to enquire for further details. 

Q:I’m running short of some EGAKU art materials - can I purchase additional art supplies at the gallery session?

AYes you can. We ask that you arrive a little earlier than the session start time to complete your purchase. Payment is by credit card from our online shop, so please have your smartphone to hand to complete payment. Cash payments are not accepted.

Q:Can I purchase EGAKU art materials from outside Japan?

AYes, you can. Please note shipping destinations outsides Japan will be subject to an additional international shipping fee. Furthermore, any customs or import duties related to international shipping are the responsibility of the purchaser. After you have completed your purchase from our online shop, we will email you separately with information about the additional international shipping fee. Your goods will be shipped to you once you have completed payment for the additional shipping fee. Please note that due to international shipping restrictions, the fixative spray is not included in the EGAKU Art Kit for international shipping addresses. Although you can participate in EGAKU®️ without a fixative spray, participants can use hairspray (unscented if possible) as a substitute. Learn more about the fixative spray here.

Q:Can I send Gift EGAKU to a friend who lives outside Japan?

A:Yes, you can. However, there will be an additional international shipping fee for destinations outside Japan, furthermore, please be aware that your shipment may be subject to customs or import duties in the destination country. We will email you to notify you of the additional shipping cost and payment method after you have completed your order from the online shop. We will ship the Gift EGAKU package to the recipient after you have completed the payment for the international shipping fee. Please note that due to international shipping restrictions the EGAKU Art Kit for international destinations does not contain a fixative spray. Although participants can join EGAKU®️ without a fixative spray, we will inform gift recipients that they can use hairspray (unscented if possible) as a substitute. Learn more about the fixative spray here.