Art Program for Corporates

We design and deliver programs based on the EGAKU Program to address the challenges faced by organizations

Our approach


Our approach


Core practice areas

Team building

Global teams, cross-functional teams, parent-subsidiary relationships, recovering troubled projects

Leadership development, organizational transformation

Diversity and inclusion, nurturing future leaders, transforming organizations into innovative organizations

Communication design

Vision sharing/internal branding, celebrating corporate milestones, deepening employee engagement, creating and implementing medium-long term corporate strategy 

Impact on people and organizations

 Deepen self-awareness - connect to your passions, values and identify unconscious biases     
 Experience the power of diversity, learn to respect difference
 Develop the ability to deal with complex, open-ended problems and be empowered to create the future
 Create a diverse and inclusive organization of empowered, self-directed thinkers and doers   

Collaboration programs

We've partnered with experts from different fields to create a number of programs. 

Will Lab × EGAKU

Empowering women to unleash
their leadership potential


Partner: Will Lab, Inc.

KOERU -Change Leader Lab- 

Developing and empowering change leaders to create their own vision, and translate ideas into action


Japanese only, contact us for enquiries
Partner: SIGMAXYZ, Inc.

Client interview


  "The EGAKU Program struck the core of the people"
  Carsten Brunn
 President & CEO, Bayer Yakuhin, Ltd 

  Interview: July, 2014

Our clients

We've worked with over 150 organizations across various industries.
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