Our approach


Our approach


Main areas of practice


Organizational development: developing organizational culture and mindsets, connecting organizational and personal purpose

  • Help management articulate, clarify organization’s purpose and vision, and create bold, authentic management message
  • Connect organization’s vision and purpose to employees’ personal values and sense of purpose, to create a dynamic, resilient purpose-led organization
  • Design practices and cultivate mindsets to support a learning culture that allows the organization and its people to thrive in a VUCA world
  • Design programs, tools, processes which engage and empower employees across different roles and functions


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: nurturing diverse, empowered teams

  • Empower teams to embrace diversity as an asset, create a culture of open and inclusive communication
  • Create a psychologically safe space, where individuals can deepen mutual understanding and respect for individual values and perspectives, catalyzing dialogue
  • Recognize the possibilities of verbal and non-verbal communication, and develop mental tools to overcome unconscious biases 


Leadership development: nurturing self-directed, empowered employees

  • Develop leaders’ self-awareness, empower leaders to clarify personal and professional values, individual purpose
  • Challenge leaders to step out of their comfort zone, expand their minds and rethink modes of operation 
  • Cultivate courage to engage creatively with uncertainty and complexity and nurture deep, reflective thinking


Innovative mindset: cultivating creative and agile mindsets and leaders

  • Experience the process of going from zero to one, train creative thinking and creative communication skills
  • Empower your people to discover and develop their latent creative potential
  • Experience the joy and satisfaction of engaging with uncertain, complex problems that have no single solution through a process of experimentation


Supporting employee learning and development, well-being

  • Support employee's learning and development, cultivate learning culture and enhance management skills, communication and people skills
  • Mindful tools to help support employee well-being and connection in the age of remote work
  • Leverage non-verbal tools to help support employee career development, rooted in their personal values and sense of purpose to heighten employee engagement and motivation


Client interview


  "The EGAKU Program struck the core of the people"
  Carsten Brunn
 President & CEO, Bayer Yakuhin, Ltd 

  Interview: July, 2014



‘Using Art to Unleash The Power to Ask Questions’
LinkedIn / July 5, 2019
An article on our collaboration with SIGMAXYZ Inc. - Vision Forest - was featured in LinkedIn’s weekly newsletter, ‘The Future of Japan.’
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’Elites brushing up on their aesthetic sense’
AERA / December 17, 2018 Issue (Asahi Shimbun Publications)
CEO, Kimi Hasebe was interviewed about the EGAKU Program in an article as part of a special feature ’How to generate ideas.’

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We've worked with over 200 organizations across various industries.
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