9201 Gallery

9201 Gallery was founded in 2013 in central Tokyo in a leafy enclave of Akasaka overlooking the Akasaka Imperial Gardens.  Since our founding, we have curated and organized exhibitions with a particular focus on the artist Kunihiko Yazawa’s multifaceted, powerful art.

As a new kind of gallery for the new normal, we are also involved in various experimental initiatives including collaboration events and talks with professionals from diverse fields and virtual gallery viewing experiences among many others.
As we explore the possibilities of art together, we look forward to sharing stimulating and inspiring art experiences.

Kimi Hasebe
Director,  9201 Gallery

Current Exhibition

かけら★けら - fragments

谷澤邦彦 - Kunihiko Yazawa
 9201 Gallery is currently open by appointment only.
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Talks & Events

We hold artist talks in conjunction with exhibition openings, as well as talks with professionals
from diverse fields and various other events.
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