Educators' Summit for SDG4.7 2019(November 23)
'SDGs x EGAKU - The Possibilities of Art in STEAM Education'
Presenter : Kimi Hasebe  More details here >>

Horasis Global Meeting 2019(April 7)
'Engaging in Deeper Creativity through the Arts'
Panelist : Kimi Hasebe  More details here >>

Rongo to Soroban (The Analects and The Abacus) Management Seminar (March 19)
'Art and Business: ART at the centre of the EARTH - towards a richer, human approach to value creation.'
Speaker : Kimi Hasebe  More details here >>


Kyoto University - ARTS ECONOMICS KYOTO 2018 (December 7)
‘The Roots of Creativity: My thoughts from 18 years of running an art venture and delivering art programs.’
Speaker : Kimi Hasebe

Musashino Art University Design Lounge (June 5)
‘Painting the Future: Exploring new possibilities of art in business.’
Speaker : Kimi Hasebe

INTILAQ Tohoku Innovation Center(January 31)
‘The Relationship between Art and Science in Management: Management Today and Our Future.’
Speaker : Kimi Hasebe


Participated in the NEW CITY ART FAIR (March 5-8, NY)
Exhibited artist: Kunihiko YAZAWA  More details here >>


a.school Dialogue Event for Parents
"Approaches to Stimulating Learning for Children" (December 13)
Speaker/Facilitator: Kimi Hasebe

Workshop for The American Chamber of Commerce Japan (ACCJ)(June 13)
"Connecting with Your Imagination to Discover the Creative Leader in You"
Speaker/Facilitator: Kimi Hasebe


Roppongi Library LIVE(March 21)
"How to be involved with Art to work and live creatively"
Facilitator: Kimi Hasebe
Guest speaker: Mayuka Yamazaki (Harvard Business School Japan Research Center, Senior Research Associate / NPO E-lab, Vice chief director)

Shibuya Hikarie creative space 8/ "idea talk 04"(February 1)
"Encounters: EGAKU in Shibuya"
Speaker: Kimi Hasebe


2012 Adobe Education Forum(September 12)
"Creativity for the next generation - from university to corporations"
Speaker: Kimi Hasebe

Lena's Trinity Breakfast vol.3(August 28)
"Communication Art - Encourage your sensitivity"
Speaker: Kimi Hasebe

Change WAVE GET Regular monthly meeting vol.1(June 17)
"For global change leaders - the power of art to influence individuals and organizations"
Speaker: Kimi Hasebe

Human Capital Lab "High Concept Club"(March 7)
"The power of art to influence individuals and organizations - What is the mental model for the era without any answers?"
Speaker: Kimi Hasebe


Tokoha Gakuen Kikugawa high school career guidance committee(November)
"What is Creation? - My work"
Speaker: Kunihiko YAZAWA


NGO Japan for Sustainability (JFS) Eco Products 2005(December 17)
"'EGAKU' - Evolving view seen from Communication Art"
Speaker: Kunihiko YAZAWA


Kitayama & Company Knowledge community "Energy Link"(July 8)
"Art is in the midst of the Earth - the role of the Art in 21st century"
Speaker: Kunihiko YAZAWA