Message from the CEO

Harnessing the power of art to create a world of human flourishing


The reason I am here today is because of a life-changing encounter with the book, 'The Turning Point: Science, Society, and the Rising Culture' by Fritjof Capra.
In the mid-1980s, tragedies like domestic and school violence became major social issues in Japan, and these events made a strong impression on me as a high school student.  It made me wonder, "We are all surely born to be happy, so why do people make choices that make them unhappy?"  It was this book which I came across in my twenties, which shed a ray of light on this question.  In this 700 page tome, from his standpoint as a physicist, Capra analyzes the issues facing contemporary society from multiple perspectives - image of life, medical care, economic models, psychological approaches, environmental crises and so on - cogently arguing that we are heading for a paradigm shift.
In the fifteen years that followed, I searched for clues to this paradigm shift, through my work and research. However, far from finding clues, as social turmoil deepened I felt as if I was stumbling into a place with no exit in sight. It was at this time that I found a renewed sense of hope in Kunihiko Yazawa’s art practice and philosophy. In 2001 I worked on various projects with Yazawa and we eventually founded White Ship.  It hasn't been smooth sailing, but it's been a journey filled with inspiring encounters and the creation of beautiful and powerful artworks.  I feel the wonder and power of human creativity every day.  
We are deeply grateful to all those friends who have shared our vision, created creative experiences with us and continue to support us in countless ways.  We look forward to continuing our work to nurture the sense of beauty and creativity in all people, towards the creation of a world of human flourishing. 


Kimi Hasebe
CEO / Art Producer

Artist message

Throughout the ages, till this day artists have lived and continued to create works - in some ages shaping history, in others becoming swept up in the tide of history. While the modes of expression have changed since we began drawing some tens of thousands of years ago, art has never disappeared from human history.
This fact suggests that despite the tendency to view art as something special, as the monopoly of artists and the privileged few, art is intimately connected with who we are as humans - our desires, hopes, dreams and evolution. It also implies art has an important role to play in our lives and in the world.
What is the meaning of art? What is it for?
What is art?
I founded White Ship with Kimi Hasebe in an attempt to find my own answers to these questions. I wanted to understand how art can create meaningful change in the world. White Ship is an attempt to take the world as my canvas to explore new expressions and ideas of what art can be, and is part of my art practice.
In the world we live in today we are faced with many challenges, and I believe that art can play a critical role in helping us find solutions or at least offer us clues to finding new ways to confront these challenges. I think that the role of art as a borderless communication tool that transcends race and nationality will also become increasingly important. I believe that our art practice and the art of the future can help us create a beautiful future. This is what I believe. This is my hope.

Kunihiko Yazawa
Artist / Founder & Director 

Company profile

Corporate name White Ship, Inc.

6F Terasawa Bld., 1-7-17 Motoakasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 107-0051
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Date established January 1, 2001
Board members Kimi Hasebe CEO
Kunihiko Yazawa Director
Ryoko Nakamura Director
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January 2001 Founding of White Ship
August 2002 Started EGAKU Program for elementary school children
March 2004

Incorporation as White Ship, Inc.

June 2006 Moved to Akasaka, Tokyo and opened office and studio
January 2007 Started regular EGAKU sessions for business professionals
January 2008 Launched human resource consulting x EGAKU Program
May 2009 Launched strategy consulting x EGAKU Program
June 2011 Founding of ELAB (formerly known as Institute of Communication Art)
February 2013 Moved to Moto-Akasaka, Tokyo and opened office & 9201 Gallery

Our work


Art management

Designing creative experiences that give rise to art. Bringing the power of art to the world

Art as learning

Creating art-based learning for all - developing individuals' creative potential through dynamic art experiences

Communication design

Catalyzing communication to transform and energize organizations


White Ship, Inc.
-Office & 9201 Gallery-

6F Terasawa Bld., 1-7-17 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0051, Japan
Tel : +81-3-6434-9785 Fax : +81-3-6434-9786 E-mail :

6 minute walk from Ginza/Marunouchi Line Akasaka-mitsuke Station Exit B
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