Limited Edition Art Posters

12 art posters featuring works from
KUNIHIKO YAZAWA - Complete Works 1993-2021
Limited edition of 20 copies per poster
28,000 yen
Framed, inclusive of consumption tax
Excludes shipping costs
Poster size: A2 / Frame: 612 x 438 mm
Shipping dates: within 3 business days of payment confirmation
We will be in touch regarding delivery dates upon confirmation of your order

1_20221005140338793.png 01 - salt mountain 2_20221005140338874.png 02- Dance at night, consume the night 3.png 03 - Where are you going 4.png 04 - Epiphany 5.png 05 - The stones 6.png 06 - Forest of stones 7.png 07 - The shipyard 8.png 08 - My life goes to infinity 9.png 09 - slumber 10_20221005140338993.png 10 - an ode to joy 11_20221005140339099.png 11 - Stairs of thoughts 12_20221005140339352.png 12 - To that place

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  • 1 poster: 2,000 yen (Hokkaido: 2,300 yen, Okinawa: 3,400 yen) 
  • 2-4 posters: 2,500 yen (Hokkaido: 2,800 yen, Okinawa: 4,000 yen) 
  • 5-12 posters: 3,000 yen (Hokkaido: 3,300 yen, Okinawa: 5,000 yen)
We will ship your order within three business days once we have confirmed your payment. 
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